Phototherapy Solutions
for Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Neurodermatitis
or Actinic Keratoses

Authorised Representative
for Schulze & Böhm GmbH (medisun)

medisun 2800 Innovation

The comprehensive configuration practically leave nothing to be desired. The cabin can be operated by the touch screen panel controller or/and by the remote desktop computer with UV phototherapy management software (medisoft).

In connection with the medisoft, medisun 2800 Innovation offers the highest standards of safety, treatment comfort and work simplification.

Comprehensive configuration:

  • Cabin with 20 x UVB-311nm or
  • Cabin with 24 x UVA or
  • Cabin with 28 x UV lamps (12 x UVB-311nm and 16 x UVA) or
  • Cabin with 44 x UV lamps (20 x UVB-311nm and 24 x UVA)
  • Touch screen panel controller 10.4"
  • UV measurement sensors
  • UV dose in J/cm²
  • Redundant safety system
  • Safety auto-off lamps if door opened during treatment
  • Safety emergency-stop pull cord
  • Ventilation system for patient and lamps
  • Acrylic protection panel between lamps and patient
  • Ergonomic lamps arrangement
  • UV phototherapy management software (medisoft)
  • Remote desktop computer

Product video: